Forging Rigging

The forging rigging factory of Juli Sling Co.,Ltd is the largest production base for forging rigging in Asia with advanced forging, heat treatment,surface coating and nondestructive testing equipment and the most advanced production technology.
Main forging equipment :5T size free forging hydraulic hammer,4000t、2500t、1000t size friction press machine and 750kg ~ 1000kg size air forging hammer etc. We also researched and developed 400t、1000t、1500t、2000t size bending machine. The annual producing
capacity is 20000t.
The shackles (both body and pin) we produce are made of high quality alloy steel through advanced production line and intermediate frequency furnace heat treatment. It is characterized by high-intensity, good toughness, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance and good durability.
Product category: Flat shackle, Large WLL shackle with circular cross-section, Bow shackle, D shackle etc.
Production range: 0.5t-2000t

single-arm elevator link adopts high-quality alloy steel and manufacture with swaged forging process, mechanical processing and surface treatment process. Double-arm elevator link adopts high-quality alloy steel and manufacture with swaged forging and welding process. Each product has the trait of high-intensity, good toughness and good mechanical property.
Products capacity: 30-750 tons.
The elevator links should be used in couple according to the standard so as to keep balance of the hoisting mechanism.
The elevator link corresponds with aPi 8c & gB/T19190, and it is certified by the aPi and national certification.

Manufacture with prescision drop forging, heat treatment and surface treatment process.
Product use: Used as connection between the slings or between the sling and the suspended in the lifting, bunding, draging and fastening opearation.
With full range of product specification, working capacity:0.5t - 600t,we can meet different hoisting requirements with various types.