Steel Tie Rod

With several years of development, Juli steel tie rod factory has become the most professional manufacturer who is specialized on design, R&D, manufacture and test. We own several advanced production lines and equipment, annual production capacity is 35000T.
Characteristics: high strength, good toughness, light and good appearance and liable. Widely applied at mega stadium, airport, railway station, bridge, port, wharf, tunnel and seawall reinforcement project, etc.
6 categories: steel structure steel tie rod, bridge steel tie rod, wharf steel tie rod, port steel tie rod 、 stainless steel tie rod and high performance anchor tie rod. 6 grades: 345-1080Mpa. Diameter up to Φ300mm. Single piece length up to 12M.
Own the core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights. Act as the editor-in- chief of the industrial standard CB/T 3957-2004 《 dry dock steel tie rod 》 in 2004, and also act as the editor-in-chief of national standard GB/T 20934-2007 《 steel tie rod 》 , which is the guidance standard of manufacture, test and inspection and acceptance of the steel tie rod.