Product Range:Chain sling factory mainly produce high-tensile lifting chain, high-tensile chain sling, round link chain and steel compact chain for scraper conveyor and auxiliary part for mine chain.

Equipment:Chain factory has chain making machine, flash butt welder, stretcher from WaFiOs (german) and sPEcTROMaXx brand metallurgical analysis spectrograph.With the expansion of the market share in recent years, the factory has built 17 chain production lines, 3 chain sling assembly lines and 2 ring welding lines.

Scientific achievements:Mining chain obtained Ma certificate. Lifting chain obtained cE certificate and participated in the compose of GB/T24816 “Short link chain and hoists lifting chain with grade eight ordinary precision chain”. The chain adopts high-quality special steel material from the domestic and foreign market and produced in accordance with the standard of En818-2, gB/ T24816-2009, GB/T12718-2009, Q/JL018-2012.Production range is Φ6-Φ48mm.。