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Technology R&D Center

        The Technology R&D center has been recognized by the authorized authority of the state. Juli possesses a Postdoctoral scientific research station and a Hebei rigging Engineering Technology Research Center. Juli established a Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance of rigging industry in 2015.

        The Technology R&D Center has 234 scientific research & technical staff, owned 147 patents among which are 19 patents of invention, as chief or a key editor, JULI has participated 43 national and industry standards, which accounts for up to 60 percent of all cases. Obtained 32 registered province-level achievements of Hebei.

 The Technology R&D center has been conducting rigging industry development cooperation with several well-known domestic enterprises and research institutes. Accepted the key sub-item of one of the major national research and development projects——High-strength Wire Rope, sub-item of National 863 Program——Quick Consolidation Technique for Heavy Load Railway Bridge, Synthetic fibers cable and Extra-heavy Beam Suspension for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, etc.